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About us



Founded in 2009, Events Lead has come a quite journey.

With nearly a decade, leading with consistency and devotion, creating has always been our passion.

Our incredibly talented R&D artists work very closely with wedding planners and hosts.

A leader in the industry because we deliver.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing photos of your beautiful event with Events Lead in it.

WHAT our clients SAY

“Events Lead is a trend setter in the industry with their innovative products. I always have the newest products to show off from them.”

--Elite Rental, France 


Are you a manufacturer?


Yes, we are a manufacturer with our own premium designs, Events Lead has a very dynamic R&D team that consistently devotes itself to create luxury wedding & events decor products. 


Do you provide International delivery?


Yes, we've been providing our products to worldwide wholesalers for nearly a decade.  Normally our clients arrange the pick up and shipments from our factory by their own shipping agencies, Events Lead offers excellent packaging to protect the products and provides shipping assistance for customers. For more info, you can read more in our TERMS AND CONDITIONS .



How to order online?


Always warmly welcome to register membership in EVENTS LEAD 's online wholesale store, go to SHOP page and select your favors to the cart and check out. Once placed orders, our store service team will contact you through your registered email to confirm the details with you and start production. When your orders are ready to ship, we will notify you for shipping arrangement.

What about return policy?


We understand the industry's need that quality is the most essential aspect when it comes to their item. Therefore, our Quality Assurance system ensures the quality of every item before it's sent out for packaging. This is the norm at Events Lead.

Our Terms and Conditions outline the policies for returns, refunds and exchanges at Events Lead.

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